Alice Paul – Influential Global Female Leader

Alice Paul - Influential Global Female Leader

I haven’t seen anyone post about Alice Paul, so I thought I’d be the first. I didn’t know much about her until we discussed women’s rights in my sophomore US History class. For part of our class, we watched “Iron Jawed Angels” which focused on the women’s suffrage movement in the 1910’s. Alice Paul was one of the founders of women’s rights and started the women’s political movement. Although she is no longer alive, there wouldn’t be as many other influential female leaders if it was not for her. She was a part of many women’s rights groups, starting as a member of the National American Woman Suffrage Association and then founding the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage. Her group implemented change on a federal level and inevitably gained women the right to vote. Along with that, she worked to gain equality for women on many other levels, and I believe our society wouldn’t be the same today if it wasn’t for her.


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