Domestic Violence (Chris Brown vs. Rihanna)

I remember I was in 8th grade when the high profile violence case between Chris Brown and Rihanna came out.  Being 14 years old at the time, people my age made jokes about it, but there is nothing funny about domestic violence.  Seeing the pictures of Rihanna’s face – all swollen and bloody – is still a hard sight to see and it should not be made into a laughing matter.  No man should ever put his hands on a woman that way, and Chris Brown should have faced more serious consequences for his actions. 

As for sympathy and frustration, I feel both towards Rihanna.  The sympathetic feelings come naturally.  She did not deserve to get hurt that way by anyone, especially her own boyfriend.  No one – man or woman – deserves that.  As for frustration, only a few weeks after this incident the two were seen back together, and to this day they are still an item.  I am a fan of Rihanna as a musician but it’s hard for me to respect her as a person for going back to something to did something like that to you.

If I could say something to Chris Brown and Rihanna, I would just ask them both: why? 


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