“So a Girl Walks into a Comedy Club..”

I’ve personally never been a fan of Daniel Tosh, but hearing this just took it to a whole ‘nother level. Of course I think the woman sitting in the audience acted reasonably. She did not need to sit there and listen to such offensive jokes and had a right to voice her opinion, even if it meant interrupting Tosh’s “performance.” She doesn’t need to learn how to take a joke, society needs to learn but is and is not acceptable to joke about, and rape certainly is not. Joking about something as serious as rape makes light of a heavy topic. People think less of something if they find is funny or humorous, and rape should not be taken lightly. People like Daniel Tosh who try to joke about serious matters such as rape are the reason societal attitude towards these subjects are not what they should be. This behavior has a negative effect of society, and women in particular, because rape is not something that should be joked about.


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