Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a global issue and I don’t believe it can ever be stopped.  It’s something that affects people worldwide and sadly there’s no way in putting a complete end to it.  Even if we form a “global alliance” in attempts to do so, I do believe we can decrease the amount of people being sold off, but I don’t think we can stop it.  In order to prevent it, I think everyone needs to be more informed on the subject because it is such a serious matter.  People, girls in particular, need to be taught about human trafficking.  Countries with the highest numbers of human trafficking cases need to be monitored.  Although I don’t think we can stop it, we should still try. 


Domestic Violence Part 2

I do think domestic violence is still an issue that woman, and even younger girls, face.  I don’t necessarily think that domestic violence has become more frequent today, however I do think that people are more aware of it now than they were in the past. With world news and social media, domestic violence cases are published for anyone to see.  Kids are taught about domestic violence in schools and workshops to become more aware.  Although it may not be a bigger issue now than it was in the past, people now are trying to put an end to it. 

I do think domestic violence is a global issue.  It can’t be pin-pointed to just one area of the world.  However, I do think that women in the middle east and countries where women have less rights are more subject to domestic violence.  

Domestic Violence (Chris Brown vs. Rihanna)

I remember I was in 8th grade when the high profile violence case between Chris Brown and Rihanna came out.  Being 14 years old at the time, people my age made jokes about it, but there is nothing funny about domestic violence.  Seeing the pictures of Rihanna’s face – all swollen and bloody – is still a hard sight to see and it should not be made into a laughing matter.  No man should ever put his hands on a woman that way, and Chris Brown should have faced more serious consequences for his actions. 

As for sympathy and frustration, I feel both towards Rihanna.  The sympathetic feelings come naturally.  She did not deserve to get hurt that way by anyone, especially her own boyfriend.  No one – man or woman – deserves that.  As for frustration, only a few weeks after this incident the two were seen back together, and to this day they are still an item.  I am a fan of Rihanna as a musician but it’s hard for me to respect her as a person for going back to something to did something like that to you.

If I could say something to Chris Brown and Rihanna, I would just ask them both: why? 

Research Paper

Topic: Female Contraceptives (birth control pills) being sold over the counter 

Thesis Statement: Oral contraceptives are some of the most effective drugs on the market and should be sold over the counter because they are sage to use, would be more affordable to women, and would prevent many of the unwanted pregnancies that occur each year in the United States. 

“So a Girl Walks into a Comedy Club..”


I’ve personally never been a fan of Daniel Tosh, but hearing this just took it to a whole ‘nother level. Of course I think the woman sitting in the audience acted reasonably. She did not need to sit there and listen to such offensive jokes and had a right to voice her opinion, even if it meant interrupting Tosh’s “performance.” She doesn’t need to learn how to take a joke, society needs to learn but is and is not acceptable to joke about, and rape certainly is not. Joking about something as serious as rape makes light of a heavy topic. People think less of something if they find is funny or humorous, and rape should not be taken lightly. People like Daniel Tosh who try to joke about serious matters such as rape are the reason societal attitude towards these subjects are not what they should be. This behavior has a negative effect of society, and women in particular, because rape is not something that should be joked about.

Street Harassment


Street Harassment

I didn’t even know I was a victim of street harassment because it’s become so common now a days. It’s become so difficult to be a female and just walk down the street without being honked at or whistled at. I don’t understand why males think it’s “okay” to yell obscenities at women on a daily basis. Street harassment is such a familiar part of today’s society and it should not be acceptable.

As for personal experiences with street harassment, I can certainly relate. I grew up in a small town, literally one square mile, so before I got my license I walked EVERYWHERE. It was basically impossible to walk down the street without having guys in my town beep at me. I’ve seen guys make kissy faces out their car windows as they drove by and I’ve had crude things yelled at me. I never thought anything of it because it’s something I saw nearly everyday.

One of my other friends, on the other hand, has experienced a violent form of street harassment. While walking home from school one day, a group of guys driving past her literally pulled over, got out of the car, and smacked her butt. Not only is that street harassment, but it’s sexual harassment, and that just goes to show how street harassment can escalade into more violent forms of harassment.

If people don’t start acting against street harassment, it can only go down hill from here. Street harassment if one of the most common forms of harassment against women and it should not be taken lightly.