Female Chauvinist Pigs

After watching three of Ariel Levy’s videos on raunch culture and how women in society are portrayed today, I would say that I partially agree with her.  I definitely agree with the first video I saw about how women look up to this unnatural beauty.  The standards for beauty today are so high that it is nearly impossible to look like the women shown in magazine and on television without having some type of plastic surgery.  And even then, almost all advertisements are photoshopped.  Women today look up to a beauty that doesn’t even exist.  

On the other hand, I disagree with Levy’s videos on female chauvinism and girls gone wild.  Of course the ideas of feminism have changed over the years.  Our society is constantly changing and because of that the ideas and beliefs of it are also going to change.  I don’t think women are chauvinists towards other women, I think they want to empower and embrace femininity.  And onto the girls gone wild section, I completely disagree with that.  The females that participate in the girls gone wild videos are just a handful of women in society.  It is wrong to generalize all women based on these few individuals.  Although I was shocked that these women don’t get paid and participate in girls gone wild for “fun,” I don’t think it was okay for Levy to make assumptions about all women based on this.  


Body Image


Body Image

Body image became important to me my freshman year of high school. My whole life I was underweight – not because of an eating disorder or anything like that – I was just naturally very thin. When I started high school, I gained about 10 pounds over the summer. I was still thin, and no one else seemed to notice, but I certainly did. I posted this picture with my blog post because it goes along perfectly with how I was feeling.

With all the advertisements and pictures in the media, society has created molds of the perfect bodies – for both men and women – and if you don’t fit the molds society makes you feel bad about it. If more advertisements featured people of all different body types, I think the self esteem of teens and adults would go up. Seeing people of all different colors, shapes, and sizes on advertisements would break the molds of this “perfect” body image. I wouldn’t say the media is responsible for how people feel about themselves, but I would say that they aren’t making people feel any better.